Email Kick/Ban

By Mr_E on Oct 01, 2007

Kicks regular users for posting emails...we covered the main email providers we could think of, if you know of more please let me know and I'll add it. To set the channels set yourself as bot owner and then type !emailkicker and then the channels you would like it'll add more then one if you wish. Enjoy, any questions just drop me an email.

Updated to include more email providers


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winstOnix   -  Sep 02, 2010

is it possible to removed the command of this? just like a stand alone script?

Roy_   -  Oct 01, 2007

Ugh, missed a bracket in the text event. The code should be:


Roy_   -  Oct 01, 2007

I fixed up RubixCube\'s code:

That should work, everything was tested.


napa182   -  Oct 01, 2007

The way RubixCube dont work sorry bro but it kicks if anything is said
erros i got with RubixCube\'s way

  • /if: invalid format (line 7, script32.ini)
  • /if: insufficient parameters (line 10, script32.ini)
  • /ban: invalid parameters (line 16, script32.ini)
    erros with\'s E\'s Way none
RubixCube   -  Oct 01, 2007

Couple things:

  • A user can switch nicks
  • You can reduce the script to only a few lines for a cleaner appearance

Here is what I changed (untested):

Just simplified your code. Made it set the users address instead of nick, made all those if ($nick isetc) into one if and removed the timer and made it ban -ku600. Nice idea, and pretty useful against spammers.

  • RubixCube
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