Simple away script

By T7Davey on Oct 01, 2007

Just a simple away script via menus. Just right click and you'll know what to do.


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guest598594   -  Oct 02, 2007

dude, trust me, dialogs are way worth learning, just use dialog studio or something like that, and then u just read like /did /dialog and $did

T7Davey   -  Oct 02, 2007

[quote\"Godzilla\"] Use a dialog, would be better. [/quote]

Well I don\'t know how to make dialogs yet >:| I\'ve told you before Saurabh

Godzilla   -  Oct 01, 2007

Use a dialog, would be better.

Roy_   -  Oct 01, 2007

A couple of the features don\'t really need to be included. Why would you say if you are away when it already says the message when you leave. If you supported a timer, that would make a bit more sense. What I would like to see in this snippet is some more features. Such as a log feature or an input return feature. If you are messaging to an active channel, you should include a highlight feature.

As to the use of all those global variables, that isn\'t needed. Try using var %away = $$?=\"Enter away msg:\" and then using the $awaymsg identifier. Your %atime identifier isn\'t needed at all. You can use mIRC\'s built in identifier, $awaytime.

Could use a bit of work, and maybe a dialog if you are into those.


guest598594   -  Oct 01, 2007
.Password: set %password $$?=\"Password\"

make it

.Password: set %password $$?*=\"Password\"

(it puts *\'s for what you type in)

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