Super Akick -- Personal Version

By LucSatise on Sep 27, 2007

K this is the version im usin for akicks. It seriously cannot be bypassed without removin sop (i suggest usin akick protection too so tht if they akick u u can come bak :D)

Just righ click in the nicklist slect akick > super akick > add $nick

-To delete it u need to find another channel they are in and right click akick > super akick > del $nick


menu nicklist {
  .Super Akick
  ..Add $$1 $+ :superakick $$1 | /cs akick $chan add $address($$1,4)
  ..Del $$1 $+ :delsuperakick $$1
on *:JOIN:#:{
  if ($readini(akicks.ini,AKICK,$address($nick,4)) == Yes) { cs akick $chan add $address($nick,4) }
alias superakick {
  writeini akicks.ini AKICK $address($1,4) Yes
alias delsuperakick {
  writeini akicks.ini AKICK $address($1,4) No


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appledells   -  Mar 29, 2009

i have trouble using this script

NightBlade   -  Oct 12, 2008

this code Failed for me, well, the akick yes worked, but not the no part
i could not remove the akick from a different channel , obviously, you set up a trigger-less button , an unloaded gun. del akick does not work

Godzilla   -  Sep 28, 2007

Its kinda like blacklist, but it also akicks :)

LucSatise   -  Sep 28, 2007

i did use this one in the first place to make the bot. This one works perfectly and is designed against sops so they can del their own akick.

guest598594   -  Sep 27, 2007

even though u write in the ini that its \"no\" chanserv still has the akick setting

napa182   -  Sep 27, 2007

yes add it to Ur other one

guest598594   -  Sep 27, 2007

so why cant you just add this to the other one and have em both together?

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