GScript Away Script v1.0

By Zsadist on Sep 24, 2007

Very very simple away script. Possibly will be editing it even more in the future. But simply put it in your remotes, load it. Then type /awayness reason to go away, then type /back to return. Very simple.


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Zsadist   -  Sep 26, 2007

I think everyone would get sick and tired of having to always change the nick repeatidly. So for now it is just away.

Godzilla   -  Sep 26, 2007

Instead of:

nick $me $+ [Away]

You can use something like

alias awaynick {
 set %awaynick $2 
alias backnick {
 set %backnick $2 
alias awayness {
 nick %awaynick
alias back {
 nick %backnick
Godzilla   -  Sep 25, 2007

It would be nice if you put a identify system :]

Zsadist   -  Sep 25, 2007

Ya. I will do that later. But what do you think of it? :)

napa182   -  Sep 25, 2007

on Ur

if ($1- == $null) { if (%awayness == $null) if (%reason == $null) && (%away == $null) oh and the other if (%awayness == $null)

you can use

if (!$1-) { if (!%awayness) { if (!%reason) && (!%away) { and if (!%awayness)

but nice away script

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