Protection Channel

By BunTai on Sep 23, 2007

This is my friend's remote..
im post it for him..
thnx to Najwan..
he made a good protection remote..
just chang ur ban level ok!!
we play...we joy!!!
banjirian remote review
Set "this" in ur Remote an(Control Code = 50,Long = 200,CAPS = 50,Numbers/Digits = 50,Symbols = 50,Blanks = 50,Aphosthrophe = 50,AscII = 50,Repeat = 3,Text Flood/Row = 5,Join/Part = 3,Ctcp = 1,CtcpReply = 1,Iklan/Spam = ON,Carut/Badword = ON,ExcessFlood Kick = OFF,Mass Join = OFF,Revenge = OFF,Ban level = Selain 2 / 4,Ban Limit = 24,Max Nick = 1 )


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PuNkTuReD   -  Apr 27, 2010


Returns the target of an event.

in a text event (in channel) it would return the channel name.
in private, it returns your own nick name.

Celeron   -  Apr 27, 2010

else { .raw -qmcH kick $target $ial($nick).nick $1- } <-- WHAT TARGET? lolz

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