badword kick

By M[n]M on Sep 22, 2007

add your kick works to the line right belowe this line eparate kick words by a comma plz leave a comment and Rate it =]

on @*:text:*:#: {
  ;Start Insert
  if ($nick !isop #) {
    var %SayKick = WORD1,WORD2,WORD3,WORD 4,WORD5

    ;Kick words on the line above this line

    var %SayKickCount = 0
    while ($gettok(%SayKick,0,44) > %SayKickCount) {
      inc %SayKickCount
      if ($gettok(%SayKick,%SayKickCount,44) isin $strip($1-)) {
        var %SayKickHit = Yes
    if (%SayKickHit == Yes) {
      ban # $nick 2
      kick # $nick Baned
  ;End Insert


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Gage   -  Nov 02, 2009

btw you spelled "banned" wrong x]

Gage   -  Nov 02, 2009

I like it.Works good just tested it :o

Gabe   -  Mar 14, 2009

how do i make it give it a warning just kick. then ban?

guest598594   -  Dec 10, 2008
if ($istok(tomatoe potato,$1,32) && !$2) {
Kemppih   -  Dec 10, 2008

how can i set it to kick only if only the bad word is said. Like if tomatoe is a bad word, it wouldnt kick is someone says "i like tomatoes", but then it would if someone'd say just "tomatoe"?

M[n]M   -  Oct 17, 2007

mountaindew thanks dude!

guest598594   -  Oct 06, 2007

no need for %saykickhit

and josh, you would need to, instead of kicking, inc a variable, and if the variable is >= 5, it kicks the person

Joshuaxiong1   -  Oct 06, 2007

WHat do I change to make it 5 badword till banned? pm me in IRC

Kyousoukyoku   -  Sep 22, 2007

Well, the mode +G just censores the word, it doesn\'t actually kick the user. I could go around all day saying censored, so I guess this provides some use. I think just using var %saykickcount is just a good as var %SayKickCount = 0.

M[n]M   -  Sep 22, 2007

cazz what do you mean ?

XRaGeX   -  Sep 22, 2007

Yes, I gave it a 3 because of 2 reasons, We Have BotServs.. and Most Servers Dont have it... but they do have services and flood control. And The Mode +G is implanted on most servers so i found no use for it. Sorry

Cazz   -  Sep 22, 2007

its okay, but i dont think its very useful since theres botserv and all. :|

guest598594   -  Sep 22, 2007

rather than ppl manually adding it, just do something like

menu status,menu,channel {
  Bad Word Kicker
  .Add Word: set %saykick $addtok(%saykick,$$?=\"Word?\",44)
  .Rem Word: set %saykick $remtok(%saykick,$$?\"Word?\",1,44)
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