Kick Revenge

By xredxthornsx on Sep 19, 2007

this is easy just paste into remotes and save

Replace "ChannelBot" with the name of tyhe channel bots name and add more

 if ($nick == ChannelBot) { join $chan | halt } 

for every bot. And add it for nicknames you don't want the script to seek revenge on.

on *:kick:#: { 
  if ($knick != $me) { halt }
  if ($nick == ChannelBot) { join $chan | halt }
  if ($nick == ChanServ) { join $chan | halt }
  join $chan 
  if ($address !iswm $address( $me,5 )) {
  /.timer 1 1 /kick $chan $nick Don't kick me!!!!!!!!!!!! (automated) }


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guest598594   -  Sep 19, 2007
on *:kick:#: if (!$istok(%test,$nick,32) kick $chan $nick Don\'t kick me!!!!!!!!!!!! (automated)
alias addname $addtok(%knicks,$$?=\"Who would you like to protect from kick?\",32)
alias remname $remtok(%knicks,$$?=\"Who would you like to remove from kick protection?\",1,32)

you had a lot of useless stuff in it, and i added an alias to add/rem nicks to protect

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