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By hixxy on Sep 15, 2007



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hixxy   -  Sep 16, 2007

I posted the script back in 2005/06, but I don\'t want it on here anymore because I rarely script and I get a lot of spam from my email address being published on these kind of websites.. guess we can\'t delete our own scripts on here though.

F*U*R*B*Y*   -  Sep 16, 2007

Gummo, ever thought the snippet was posted, but maybe he found a flaw and thought rather share it on to delete it, there are many reasons why he could of done it, so don\'t jump to conclusions

Gummo   -  Sep 16, 2007

Don\'t post a script if you\'re going to try to delete it.

stargazer989   -  Sep 15, 2007

Wait, wheres the script ?

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