..:: Freeze mp3 ::..

By F R E E Z E on Sep 15, 2007

..::How To Open::..

To use it type /player or right click anywhere and click on "Freeze mp3".

..::How To Use::..

Freeze mp3 is pretty simple to use. First open Freeze mp3 (See How To Open) and then a small dialog box should appear. Click "Browse" and browse through your files until you find the song you want to play. When you've found it, double click on it and you should return to the first dialog box. Hit "Play" and the song you want will play. To pause it hit "Pause" and to stop it hit "Stop".

Please comment if you have any problems or have a suggestion.

menu * { 
  .Freeze mp3 { mp3 } 
alias mp3 { 
  /dialog -m player player 
dialog Player { 
  title "Freeze mp3!" 
  size -1 -1 160 63 
  option dbu 
  button "Stop", 2, 89 9 47 20, flat multi 
  box "Song", 3, 3 4 152 47 
  text "By Freeze", 4, 50 50 38 8, nowrap 
  button "Browse", 5, 8 30 37 12, flat multi 
  edit "", 6, 9 11 74 15 
  button "Play", 7, 66 31 32 11, flat multi 
  button "Pause/Resume", 8, 105 31 40 11, flat multi 
on *:DIALOG:player:sclick:5: { 
  //set %file $sfile(%musicdir $+ *.mp3;*.wma*.wav,Select music file) 
  did -r $dname 6 
  did -a $dname 6 $regsubex($nopath(%file),/\.[^.]+$/,) 
on *:DIALOG:player:sclick:7: { 
  splay %file 
  amsg (Freeze mp3) I am currently listening to: $regsubex($nopath(%file),/\.[^.]+$/,) (Freeze mp3) 
on *:DIALOG:player:sclick:2: { 
  splay stop 
on *:DIALOG:player:sclick:8: { 
  if (%pause == $null) { 
    splay pause 
    set %pause f 
  elseif (%pause == f) { 
    splay resume 
    unset %pause 


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L0ckp1ck   -  Feb 17, 2010

i changed it to this cracker

//describe $active is currently listening to: [[ $regsubex($nopath(%file),/.[^.]+$/,) .mp3 ]]

also added a minimize option

alias mp3 {
/dialog -dmh player player

Cracker200   -  Sep 27, 2009

Lolz ok... but nice =) You Mind if i edit?

Cracker200   -  Jul 25, 2009

Errm When i Play it it doesnt come up in the dialog box like how can i make it. View so i can see what song and,like how can make. It so it plays all songs NOT just one at a time o.0

irchainscriptz   -  Jul 16, 2008

Thats actually nice work!

TropicalMeltdown   -  Jul 15, 2008

Hey Can yu like make colors in the play msg and make the play msg like more cooler
???!?!?! lol


|Lee would like it|

SilentExile   -  Sep 16, 2007

Eh, it\'s okay. You could add so many more options to this. I would add some more options to the spammsg, and include some method of configuration. One thing that is a bit of a hassle is the use of $sfile and searching for a directory. Why not make a list in the dialog so that you only have to configure everything at one time?
It would be even better if you could add end options such as repeat, shuffle, or even something that goes down the list of songs. A lot of people like to have the ability to be able to not have to constantly click play and select a song. I know this probably takes the originality from the snippet but it would be a lot easier to use .

simplicity   -  Sep 15, 2007

Highly original. Excellent work.

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