Proxy Protection(manual)

By G13AoUsTiS on Sep 12, 2007

Just a simple code

#proxiprot off
on *:text:*:?: /close -m $nick | /ignore $nick 
#proxiprot end

menu channel {
  Proxy Protection
  .ON:.enable #proxiprot
  .OFF:.disable #proxiprot


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Joshuaxiong1   -  Nov 11, 2008

Go home.

Joshuaxiong1   -  Oct 19, 2008

f ucken retard 8 year old looking
Why do you have to make stupid script like this?
It is because your mom doesn't love you?
Get out of your basement lol

spitfire3292   -  Nov 15, 2007

This doesn\'t deal with proxies at all. This is dealing with closing every query that is sent to you. I mean I guess it could represent a botnet

CoReY   -  Sep 15, 2007

what\'s this?

Zeroodemon   -  Sep 12, 2007

Yeah dude, your an ass.

kerstt   -  Sep 12, 2007

if i look at your picture you look like 16.

your behavior is of like 8

this has nothing to do with protecting proxys, it just ignores anyone pm ing you.

malicious script.

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