Elmo ascii

By Mono on Sep 10, 2007

Lol Got Bored AGAIN!?!?! Actually Sick_Puppy made this but he never posted it so i did :P Lol

menu nicklist,channel,query, {
  say  1,1-------------------------------
  say  1,1-----4(0.4)(0.4)1-13hehehehehehehe1-----
  say  1,1----4/1--4()1--41--13/1----------------
  say  1,1----41-4'--'1-4/1-4_1----8You1----------
  say  1,1-4{*'-`""""`-'*}1----8Tickle1------
  say  1,1--4`"/1------4"`1------8Me1---------
  say  1,1----41------4/1-------------------
  say  1,1---4`"`1----4`"`1------------------}


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M[n]M   -  Sep 13, 2007

Dude u gotto stop posting other ppls snippets..

Akishoot   -  Sep 10, 2007

How ironic. My friends just gave me the nickname Elmo on my server :\ Well, time to put this snippet to good use. o_O :3

Mono   -  Sep 10, 2007


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