!grats Script

By Creamlistner on Sep 05, 2007

Well, when I started putting my bot together, It was near impossible to understand. I made this because Its one script I wanted to add to my bot, but theres NO entries for It. Its just basic text, yes, but Its fun to have!

**Please notice, you can delete out the "level" if you'd like to make It purely a grats script, I use It for Runescape levels In my Clans IRC chat, so Its nice to have that way.


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Grant-   -  Jul 25, 2009

Well, this isn't what i'd suggest but w/e.

on $*:TEXT:/^@.!](con)?grat(ulation)?[sz]? .*/Si:#:{ if ($2 isnum 2-99) msg # 11,17,19,113,111,17,19,113,19,1Congratulations On Level9,1 $2-  $nick !!!!!11,17,19,113,111,17,19,113,1 }
Ghost-writer   -  Jul 25, 2009


Zeroodemon   -  Sep 12, 2007

Cream, which RS net do you belong to?

guest598594   -  Sep 05, 2007

put the two on texts together using if ($1 == !grats) and if ($1 == !gratz)

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