Simple Aliases

By warrock on Aug 30, 2007

Just put this in your aliases. It is some simple aliases that change ty to Thank You and a bunch of those and it also adds color. I hope you like them.

/lol /say  4L14augh  4O14ut  4L14oud
/omg /say 4O14h 4M14y 4G14od
/brb /say 4B14e 4R14ight 4B14ack
/ty /say 4T14hank 4Y14ou
/yw /say 4Y14ou're 4W14elcome
/lmao /say 4L14aughing 4M14y 4A14** 4O14ff
/rofl /say 4R14olls 4O14n 4T14he 4F14loor 4L14aughing
/roflmao /say 4R14olls 4O14n 4T14he 4F14loor 4L14aughing 4M14y 4A14** 4O14ff
/wtf /say 4W14hat 4T14he 4F14***
/lmao /say 4L14aughing 4M14y 4A14** 4O14ff
/omfg /say 4O14h 4M14y 4F14******* 4G14od
/lmfao /say 4L14aughing 4M14y 4F14****** 4A14** 4O14ff
/heh /say 4H14eh
/hehe /say 4H14e4H14e


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Ghost-lit Warder   -  Aug 31, 2007

Then I guess we are better off with using $2- =)

guest598594   -  Aug 31, 2007

but that would sound wierd, roflaughing out loud :P

Ghost-lit Warder   -  Aug 31, 2007

simply even

Ghost-lit Warder   -  Aug 31, 2007

Not if you used $2- after the lol or simple used $replace($1-,lol,laughing out loud)

DizzIe   -  Aug 31, 2007

I would hate on input like that.
What if I wanted to say \"lol @ someone\"? or would screw it up completely.
Good script... Useless, yes, but I loved scripting ontexts and stuff like this when I was newb. :B

AHBARAR   -  Aug 31, 2007

well i dunno if he is new or no as me but i think nice start can be better >;)

Godzilla   -  Aug 30, 2007

You could use something like this in remotes:

on :input:#:{
if ($1 == lol) { msg $active Laughing Out Loud | /halt }

And so on....

warrock   -  Aug 30, 2007

At least when I was new to mIRC I really liked those...

warrock   -  Aug 30, 2007

Well yea I agree they are kind of pointless but some people new to mIRC would probably like them.

guest598594   -  Aug 30, 2007

and you dont put the on load in aliases, you should mention that for ppl that dont know...that is if you know that

T7Davey   -  Aug 30, 2007

This is pretty useless no offence.

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