By Abbas on Aug 27, 2007

Auto Message On Join When The User Join The Channel And It give A Message { I m New In Hawkee }


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miniCruzer   -  May 31, 2009

Well done for a first script. I agree you should notice $nick.

Also, one thing I noticed is your titles are going to interfere with your script. Maybe not in this case, but for future reference, add a ; in front of every line that isn't actual script. So inseatd of:

4,112,1[ t]4,1

You should add the ; marks, to look like this:

;4,112,1[ t]4,1

And you should do it here:

Thanks You All { HawKee }

Those brackets around HawKee may interfere.

guest598594   -  Aug 28, 2007

also, when you did

we cant see the colors on hawkee ;) if you want us to see the colors, then you could do

and it would say that when you load the script

guest598594   -  Aug 28, 2007

umm i think we all know how to do on joins :) but good job if you are a beginner, and i hope you have a great time at hawkee

F R E E Z E   -  Aug 28, 2007

Pretty simple. Put ;\'s before the patern and stuff.

Godzilla   -  Aug 28, 2007

NouMeRo, Don\'t just advertise your scripts, you have YOUR OWN sub forum for the script/snippet. Thanks, remember it for the future ^^

NouMeRo   -  Aug 28, 2007

I think that you should see this code.

Messages to channel is quite annoying.Try instead of /msg $ chan , this , /notice $nick . This will not flood your channel.Keep going and Welcome to Hawkee.

cantseeme   -  Aug 27, 2007

just joining/parting will flood you off server, and why not make it do it once per hour or day or something.

too simple.

Abbas   -  Aug 27, 2007

EnJoY My On Join Script ;)

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