Win/Lose Statistics

By Siddhant on Aug 26, 2007

A very useful script if you are a TCG player. ;)

Win/Lose Statistics
Written by: Siddhant Sutar

on *:LOAD:{
  echo -a 12렃1"Win/Lose Statistics" 4script loaded successfully. Use /win for adding a win, /loss for adding a loss, and /stats for viewing overall stats. 12덊} 

alias win {
  inc %win 1
  echo -a 12렃41 win added. Current wins: %win $+ . 12덊}

alias loss {
  inc %loss 1
  echo -a 12렃41 loss added. Current losses: %loss $+ . 12덊}

alias stats {
  echo -a 12렃1Matches played:4 $calc(%win + %loss) $+ 1. 1Wins:4 %win $+ 1. 1Losses:4 %loss $+ 1. 12덊}


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kerstt   -  Aug 27, 2007

instead of using ctrl+k in front of echo you can use echo N -a TEXT

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