Usermode/Chanmode bot...

By brottor on Aug 24, 2007

Well i made a huge script to host "runs" for a game...and put it on a bot...and looked for a basic bot in the snippet section and couldn't find it. so i spent 5 minutes, here she is:


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dataprofile   -  Sep 11, 2007

Well I am not sure. I think you might be able to have ab event that sets a variable to let you know that you are an admin in your modes.

on ^*:RAWMODE:#:{ 
 if ($1 == +a) && ($me isin $1-) { set %adminstatus on } 

And then make the code if (%adminstatus = on) etc.

brottor   -  Aug 24, 2007

Actually, i was wondering...can i like... \"if (a isin $usermode($me)) && (a isin $usermode($nick))\"

hehe. you know what i mean by that ^^. can i check if me and whoever triggers are admins? so i can add !admin !deadmin?

still no editing here huh?

brottor   -  Aug 24, 2007

Honestly this is for personal use, i couldn\'t care less what you think. Thought i\'d upload it anywayzzzzzz.

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