Just some fun commands :p

By Metallboy100 on Aug 19, 2007

Hello, im new on this so please dont laugh.


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kortho   -  Jan 13, 2009

Most of them are describes where you can just use msg $chan etc
Some of them don't need to be describes like !game and a couple others
..Just makes writing the scripts that little bit quicker :P

I like that !game one though lol quite funny and random

guest598594   -  Aug 21, 2007

also, u may want a on text that\'s !commands, cuz u have so much of them!

on *:text:!commands:#:{
  msg $chan Commands: !game,!chop...

good job though for a begginer

guest598594   -  Aug 21, 2007

little advice, try putting all the on text\'s together


etc...like that though.

Metallboy100   -  Aug 20, 2007

hehe thanks, im geting good on scripts now :)

Monky   -  Aug 20, 2007

y u gonna chop sum1s head off and eat it... o.0

napa182   -  Aug 20, 2007

LMAO @ on *:text:!game:#:{ describe $chan 1[1215 Your dead $nick 121][1215 Game Over 121] }

CoReY   -  Aug 19, 2007

nice dude..

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