Fun Text

By CoReY on Aug 18, 2007

juz copy and past at your remote (alt + R)..have fun


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pwnisher3   -  Dec 20, 2008

i swear i have seen the ascii text script before -_- loos like mine when i first posted it =\

big_boya   -  Dec 20, 2008

it does two of the word on mine like one in black then the one in coler

Joel-Kun   -  May 30, 2008

This version still has some bugs. A couple of $replaces are combined into one line and / or are not properly bracketed (You don\'t have a ) at the end of it) Plus some of the symbols used for replacing the letters can\'t be identified by some versions of mIRC. Other than that you did pretty good.

Kenny   -  Feb 08, 2008

nice i also like when u replaced the normal letters

dxboy11   -  Oct 01, 2007

How do i use it?

M[n]M   -  Sep 08, 2007

[Quote] Cool!

guest598594   -  Aug 21, 2007

little problem

need $null

on *:input:*: {
  if ($left($1,1) = /) return
  if ($left($1,1) = @) return
  if ($left($1,1) = !) return
  set %rainbow1 $replace($1-,$chr(32), ) | set %rainbow1 $left(%rainbow1,200) | set %rainbow2 $chr(3) $+ 4,1 | set %rainbow3 1 | set %rainbow4 1
  set %rainbow2 %rainbow2 $+ $chr(3) $+ $gettok(4&7&6&9&12&13,%rainbow4,38) $+ $mid(%rainbow1,%rainbow3,1) 
  inc %rainbow3
  if ( $mid(%rainbow1,%rainbow3,1) != $null  ) { inc %rainbow4 }
  if ( %rainbow4 > 6 ) { set %rainbow4 1 }
  if ( $mid(%rainbow1,%rainbow3,1) != $null ) { goto loop }
  say %rainbow2 | unset %rainbow1 %rainbow2 %rainbow3 %rainbow4 | halt

put that in instead of the other one

great job though, however, you should make it so that you cant do ascii1 and ascii2 at once, also rbi and color at once, and rainbow and color at once...

CoReY   -  Aug 19, 2007

thankss Godzilla..:)

Godzilla   -  Aug 18, 2007

Nice, have little bugs on it, but well done ^^

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