Annihalation kick/ban

By Monky on Aug 18, 2007

This is just a simple kick ban that i threw together =p Paste in remotes and type !annihilate . This is only useable by hops and ops, and can't be used on the bot. I've tested this and it works fine for me.

on *:TEXT:!annihilate*:#: {
  if ($nick isop $chan || $nick ishop $chan)
  if ($2 = $me) { halt }
  msg $chan 4,1 Choosing target...
  .timer 1 2 msg $chan 4,1 target selected...
  .timer 1 2 msg $chan 4,1 $2 shall be annihilated...
  .timer 1 2 /kick $chan $2
  .timer 1 2 /mode $chan +b $address($2,2)


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napa182   -  Jun 17, 2008

you can also do that this way as well

if (($nick(#,$nick,oh)) && $2 != $me) {

and yes i would use ban -k for the kick ban

ban -k # $2 2 annihilated
linkz   -  Jun 17, 2008

been awhile lol.. that made it work for me btw just had to add another } at the end

guest598594   -  Jun 17, 2008
if (($nick ishop $chan || $nick isop $chan) && $2 != $me) {

And I\'d use /ban -k to combine the ban and the kick together.

Edit: hmm...last seen September 2007

linkz   -  Jun 17, 2008

says this /if: ambiguous format (line 2, remote.ini) =|

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