Bad Word DetectoR

By NouMeRo on Aug 15, 2007

Bad Word Detector is a simple remote that kick&ban user who said a bad word you have added in your list.It has no exeptions.It kicks&ban everyone.If you want to add a word then Open bad word detector and clink on Add word Button.You can simply enable it or disable it.
*Note This remote works if you are an operator.

Open Scripts editor(Alt+r) Create a new remote file,Copy the code (Ctrl+c) and paste it(Ctrl+v into your new remote file and hit ok Button and you are ready.


Sign in to comment.   -  Feb 05, 2014

How do i put in a timer to unban someone for like 15 to 5 days? for random? <- if you get my meaning.

worldwide7477   -  May 15, 2012

Anyone know if this works with a bot please and if yes how to set it on the channel.

Jethro   -  Jun 21, 2010

SuperMickem, just remove this little bit: > Ban $chan $nick 1and you're all set.

Kardadantis   -  Jun 21, 2010

this part:

on @:TEXT::#:{
var %p = 0
while (%p < $numtok($1-,32)) {
inc %p
if ($istok(%badwords,$gettok($1-,%p,32),32)) && (%badword.detect == on) {
kick # $nick 4.!You have said an unacceptable word in your message.!Punishment:Kick

SuperMicke   -  Jul 22, 2008

Never played around with scripts, so I have a question.

How do I set it to only kick? Which part of the code do I need to change?

NouMeRo   -  Sep 06, 2007

badword detector updated :D

NouMeRo   -  Aug 15, 2007

fixed ;p

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