By Blknbluyoshi on Aug 13, 2007

I was searching for a while to get a good working !PCW script for the new pest control update, and i didn't find one. So instead of being lazy, i created this.

!setmpc # -sets master pcw
!set4pc # -sets 40+ pcw
!set7pc # -sets 70+ pcw
!set1pc # -sets 100+pcw

!pcw, !world -displays current pcw to the user
@pcw, @world -displays current pcw to the chan

!msuggest - suggests the main world
!1suggest - suggests the 100+ world
!7suggest - suggests the 70+ world
!4suggest - suggests the 40+ world
!vsuggested - views suggested world

NOTICE: it will only show the last suggested world


on *:TEXT:!vsuggested:#:{
if ($nick == ) {

Add your nick at for multiple access to !vsuggested

on *:TEXT:!vsuggested:#:{
if ($nick == ) || ($nick == ) {

I also made this script a lot smaller, but it shouldn't effect how it runs. If it has a bug and you want the old one back, i have it saved on a word document.


I just made it so you can't input a number higher then 144, if you do you get an error message. ^.^

Another thing i added recently is to be able to toggle the script on and off, to turn it on:

  1. Right click the channel that you want to use the script in
  2. Hover over "PCW"
  3. Left click "on"


I made it so you can also say !pc on and !pc off to toggle the script on and off.


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Blknbluyoshi   -  Aug 15, 2007

well then, just don\'t use my snippet :P

I do this for those that do play runescape and are looking for a !pcw script to use...not really for the other peoples...

Anti   -  Aug 15, 2007

It just annoys me that people wil make pest control worlds for runescape then put it on hawkee not all of us play runescape..

Blknbluyoshi   -  Aug 14, 2007

I put that in, then realized... It would just be easier if i made it with an error message apearing.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Olliegod   -  Aug 14, 2007

To make sure they use only numbers you can use something like

if ($2 isnum 1-144)

that will also ensure they dont enter some random number like 12345.

Blknbluyoshi   -  Aug 14, 2007

I just updated it so it\'s a lot shorter, and only you and/or somebody you select are the only ones that can see what people have sugguested.

Blknbluyoshi   -  Aug 14, 2007

yeah, i might get around to making it only numbers later. I\'m working on an !event script for my clan :)

Monky   -  Aug 14, 2007

lol just hope ppl type numbers

Blknbluyoshi   -  Aug 14, 2007

tyvm! there are a few flaws in it though, you can say !setmpc asdlfjasdlk and when you type !pcw it will show asdlfjasdlk as the main pcw o.O

Monky   -  Aug 13, 2007

Nicely done

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