variable/ini/txt/hash table viewer!

By kerstt on Aug 04, 2007

This script is a hash table, text file, ini file, and variable viewer in one.

easy when you for instance, lost some files, or need to know what the contents of a file had.
the variable viewer also works with wildcards!

typ /viewer to start, first time loaded it automaticly starts up (when loaded in a new file!)

when started it all explains itself..


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guest598594   -  Sep 26, 2007

rather than have that little mini dialog, i would just put tabs, so you dont have to reload the thing if you wanna search another category

i mean this is a great idea, but lacks a lot of features i was hoping for, like add/edit/remove

kerstt   -  Aug 05, 2007

i never feel like putting much effort in the looks of the dialogs cause it isnt challenging :-(

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