My version of making a bot talk

By Mr_E on Jul 31, 2007

Load it into its own remotes. Set yourself as owner and what channel you want it to work in by typing /setoc then turn them on by right clicking any channel for a menu or private messaging the bot either !m on, !m off, !m2 on, or !m2 off to set/unset the two parts.

If only Bot talk 1 (!m on) is set it will send your messages and say " must be stupid to think they can pull my strings" when someone else does it

If Both (!m on and !m2 on) are set when some else attempts to use the bot to talk it will deop, dehalf-op or devoice the user and gag them.


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Shady187   -  May 01, 2011

nice. i like how it keeps people from PMing ur bot lmao

Mr_E   -  Aug 14, 2007

Well doing it by access levels is a pain if you ask on my script I have a few more options now and it involves setting two owners and 4 admins o_O

Anti   -  Aug 13, 2007

rofl indeed i do like you could make this alot simpler by

on 5:TEXT:.Say:#: {
.msg $chan $1-
on 5:TEXT:.Act:#: {
.describe $chan $1-

i also like your idea :D

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