Guest Greet counter

By napa182 on Jul 31, 2007

Well Just another channel greet/counter add into remotes and right click on ur menubar or in a channel to set the channel..and to turn it on or off..
this counts each visit to the channel and also each visit by a nick's address..

You Can Edit it any way you want...

menu channel,menubar {
  .Greet/Counter Setup
  ..Set Greet Chan: { set %greetchan $$?="What Channel Would You Like The Channel Greet To Work On Please Enter Channel Syntax: #channame" | echo -a Greet Channel Is Now Set As %greetchan }
  ..Turn Greet $iif(!%greetCounter,On,Off): { $iif(!%greetCounter,set,unset) %greetCounter on | echo -a Greet Counter Is Now $iif(%greetCounter,On,Off) }
on *:start:{ if (!$hget(GreetCounter)) { .hmake GreetCounter 100 | .hload GreetCounter $qt($scriptdirGreetCounter.hsh) } }
on *:load:{ 
  echo 12 -a You Have Just Loaded Napa182's Channel Greet/Counter 
  echo 12 -a A Script0rs Inc. Production 
  echo -a 14,1(14,1¯15,1¯0,1¯0,1º $+($chr(171),$chr(164),$chr(88),$chr(167),$chr(199),$chr(174),$chr(238),$chr(254),$chr(116),$chr(48),$chr(174),$chr(167),$chr(88),$chr(164),$chr(187)) º0,1¯15,1¯14,1¯) $+ $chr(153)
  if (!$hget(GreetCounter)) { .hmake GreetCounter 100 | .hload GreetCounter $qt($scriptdirGreetCounter.hsh) } 
on *:disconnect:{ .hsave GreetCounter $qt($scriptdirGreetCounter.hsh) } 
on *:exit:{ .hsave GreetCounter $qt($scriptdirGreetCounter.hsh) }
on !*:join:%greetchan: {
  if (%greetCounter) {
    inc %greet.counter
    .hadd -m GreetCounter $wildsite $calc($hget(GreetCounter,$wildsite) +1)  
    if ($right(%greet.counter,2) == 00) || ($right(%greet.counter,2) == 50) {
      msg $chan 0,2CONGRATS4,2 $nick 0,2you are the4,2 $ord(%greet.counter) 0,2 Visitor To4,2 %greetchan $+ ..0,2This is The4,2 $ord($hget(GreetCounter,$wildsite)) 0,2Time You Have Visited here...
      describe $chan shoots fireworks for4 $nick *~~~~~|#####> `';:*,.,*:;'`12 $nick *~~~~~|#####> `';:*,.,*:;'`9 $nick *~~~~~|#####> `';:*,.,*:;'`7 $nick *~~~~~|#####> `';:*,.,*:;'`13 $nick *~~~~~|#####> `';:*,.,*:;'`11 $nick *~~~~~|#####> `';:*,.,*:;'` 
    else { msg $chan 0,2Hello And Welcome To4,2 %greetchan $nick $+ . 0,2You are the4,2 $ord(%greet.counter) 0,2 Person that has Visited This Room...This is The4,2 $ord($hget(GreetCounter,$wildsite)) 0,2Time You Have Visited here.. }


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SnoooP   -  Jan 17, 2010

Nice one Napa. just what I needed <3

Quick   -  Aug 10, 2009

erm load in remote's in your bot then right click on a chan options pop up for you to set chan and turn greet on. worked fine for me.

Ejayrazz   -  Jun 05, 2009

How does this work exactly? Still confused.

Bull   -  Oct 20, 2007

Haha, Napa is a great script, lmao ;x

napa182   -  Aug 06, 2007


Anti   -  Aug 06, 2007

LOL i ment scripter :P

Anti   -  Aug 06, 2007

ROFL i don\'t want to test it i know napa is a great script :)

napa182   -  Aug 02, 2007

put the channel in like #channelnamehere

zad0909   -  Aug 02, 2007

So its just
set %greetchan $?=Syntax: #channame?

for that part?

napa182   -  Aug 01, 2007

Channel Syntax: #channame

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