annoying devoicer and revoicer

By xredxthornsx on Jul 26, 2007

do you know someone with a autovoice on join script and you wanna mess with their head? what it does is uses chanserv to devoice a person 1 second after join and 2 seconds after join it revoices and 3 seconds after join it uses botserv to say "Haha I Win".

Just replace "#roomnamehere" with the channel of the person with the voice script and replace "nicknamehere" with the persons nick

ATTENTION: this script can become annoying if both you and the person idle a lot along with the other person. i suggest unloading or turning off this script when you aren't using it or might piss someone off

on *:voice:#roomnamehere:{ if ($nick == nicknamehere) {  if ($vnick == $me) { halt } 
    /.timer 1 1 /cs devoice $chan $vnick 
    /.timer 1 2 /cs voice $chan $vnick 
    /.timer 1 3 /bs say $chan 7Haha I Win!!! 


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xredxthornsx   -  Jul 28, 2007

and yea that is a flaw to the design of the scipt(some servers not having BotServ and ChanServ) but it can always be changed to where it works through your nick name but then you\'d have people pissed at you that\'s why i kept it with /Cs and /Bs

xredxthornsx   -  Jul 28, 2007

yea i know it got bad after i while in one channel i was in. they started blaming the person with the autovoicer. i just wrote it and thought i\'d post it here for some people that like to annoy people.
it\'s one of my newer scripts but have a look at my Deop Dialog it\'s probably my best script yet

Callison1   -  Jul 28, 2007

Some severs don;t have BotServ or ChanServ.

Also, this script isn\'t very useful, and you said it yourself, it\'s annoying.

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