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By Anarchy[MKD] on Jul 26, 2007

This is a short tutorial on how to ban an IP address from your website.

Either create a new .php document in a text editor or add the following php to an existing .php document. (ex. index.php)

Now to explain the code.

  1. <?php - Starts the php tag. Lets the browser know what language you are using.
  2. $ip = getenv('REMOTE_ADDR'); - Gets the users IP address
  3. $blocked = "xx.xx.xx.xx"; - Tells the browser that the "xx.xx.xx.xx" IP is blocked/banned
  4. if (ereg($blocked,$ip)) - If the blocked/banned IP is the same as the users IP, the following echo will be displayed.
  5. { - Starts a bracket
  6. echo "You Have Been Banned"; - Echos the "You Have Been Banned" line onto the page.
  7. exit(); - Exit so no more content is ouput
  8. } - Ends a bracket
  9. ?> - Ends the php tag
$ip = getenv('REMOTE_ADDR');
$blocked = "xx.xx.xx.xx"; // Replace the x's with the IP address.

if (ereg($blocked,$ip))
echo "You Have Been Banned";

'echo "You Have Been Banned";'


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Joshuaxiong1   -  Mar 08, 2009

nice script

alanhogan   -  Jan 08, 2008

To be more constructive -- first off thanks for commenting your code and explaining it to n00bs. Secondly, if you want to use regular expressions, the preg_ functions are supposed to be faster/better. Thirdly, try \'/^34\.12\.233\.254/$\' to match one address or \'/^34\.12\.233\.(1|2)?[0-9]{1,2}/$\' to match a range. ^ means \"Beginning of string\" and $ means \"end\" when they are used in the first and last positions ([^6] means any character except 6)

alanhogan   -  Jan 08, 2008

This script is incorrect... Won\'t it ban you if your IP is \"\" and it\'s trying to ban \"\"? Why not use == instead of ereg? It\'ll be faster anyway. This isn\'t Java; == doesn\'t compare identity in PHP but rather value!

peterpowell   -  Aug 16, 2007

i made a script like this - it checked the ip against the ip adresses in ban.txt

try that ;)

Snipe   -  Aug 10, 2007

You should make an array so you can block multiple IP\'s

F*U*R*B*Y*   -  Jul 27, 2007

and also missing the else { (Dunno if it is necessary but i find it easier to code with) and why not use die(\"You are banned\");

[M]ike   -  Jul 26, 2007

And if you do mean \"You haven\'t been banned\" - is that really neccisary? Surely not that many people are going to be banned, therefore it\'s easier to say nothing if they aren\'t. :)

Hawkee   -  Jul 26, 2007

Don\'t you mean \"You haven\'t been banned\" after the if-statement and exit?

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