Temporary Ban Alias

By [M]ike on Jul 26, 2007

Made it because I needed it to be brief. Easy to use;

/tempban <Reason (Optional)>

Other Info:
Must be loaded into Aliases unless you change the following.


tempban {


alias tempban {

The above is only neccisary if you wish to place the script in your Remotes.


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ISOtuxraceINC   -  Jan 31, 2009

Magician0122, that is a bot command, therefore, the bot was the thing that was actually running that command.

you will find this works nicer:

alias tempban { if (!$1) || (!$2) || (!$3) { echo -a Problem with " $+ $1- $+ " Syntax incorrect. Usage: /tempban <Reason (Optional)> } | else { ban $+(-ku,$calc($2 * 60)) $3 $1 Banned for $2 minutes. $iif($4,Reason: $4-) } }

Magician0122   -  Jun 22, 2008

Hey umm, I\'m new to this site and to scripting(Never made one aha) but...I had scripts before that I just typed !tb (Rest of info you had up there) and it did it, is there anyway to make it like that? And-Do I have to be on that certain mIRC window to do it(Example-I play Runescape, you may of heard of it and I use a program called Swiftkit which has an IRC tool with it. If on that could I use this script to temp ban someone-If my mIRC bot is in the channel of course)? PLease respond:)

guest598594   -  Dec 17, 2007

rather than if ($1 == $null), you can just do if (!$1) or !$2 etc...

[M]ike   -  Jul 27, 2007

Thanks Manpreet :)

Manpreet   -  Jul 27, 2007

Works great.

xDaeMoN   -  Jul 26, 2007

Use local vars so you do not need to use /unset

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