Simple File Downloader

By [M]ike on Jul 24, 2007

Heh, after the release of my Simple File Uploader, I decided to make a Simple File Downloader.
Downloaded files are saved to your mIRC directory defaultly.


Credit to Chessnut for the Regex.


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OliMaylen   -  Jul 06, 2009

Unknown command can be fixed by changing:



noop $regex($1-,/(?:http:\/\/|^)(.*?)(\/.*)/i)
OliMaylen   -  Apr 15, 2009

Yeah I'm getting "1 Unknown command" also, any ideas what this could be? It still works, but it's kinda annoying not knowing what the error is.

TmZ   -  Feb 10, 2009

I'm getting a small error, the script still works.
Downloading 1234309284816.jpg
(02:41:39) —› error: unknown command (1)

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