!say and !act for a bot UPDATED

By napa182 on Jul 23, 2007

!UPDATED! new look and functions. Enjoy
Give access to the people you want to make ur bot talk and in what channels you want it to talk in.
Trigger it either through p2p, notice, or in the channel it's self. Or use all 3.
Copy/paste into a new remote of ur bot.
To open click either in ur bot's menubar or in a channel. It also opens when you load this script.
Set the channels and nicks turn it on and add how you would like it to be triggered.
triggers are:
in channel ex. - !say hello !act goes weee
in p2p ex. - !say #channel hello !act #channel goes wee
in notice ex. - !say #channel hello !act #channel goes wee



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xplo   -  Jul 10, 2010

counter-napa'd this piece of code
(need "admin" level)

on admin:text:*:#:{ 
  if ($1 == .say) { .msg # $2- }
  if ($1 == .act) { .describe # $2- } 
Jethro   -  Jul 10, 2010

I hope this snippet doesn't bore napa these days. lol

Raicho Ichisada   -  Jul 10, 2010

COOL!, btw how to set bot user is all user?

Claus999   -  Apr 25, 2009

this works like a charm :)

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