The Invite Snippet

By Anti on Jul 21, 2007

Yes ive heard many people say they never saw a decent invite script so im going to try give it a wack and see what you guy's think of my invite script :D


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SnapeisntEvil   -  Jun 24, 2008

the only thing about what mushufasa said about \'set %inviteuser $2\' is that u also need to have a \'timer 1 1 unset %inviteuser\' so that it wont say that whenever that person joins the channel

Anti   -  Aug 08, 2007

ROFL i am not your deary i am a guy, and i fixed it thanks to olliegod i never got the time to fix thanks ollie god and for all your comments :)

Mushufasa   -  Jul 24, 2007

\'optional\', deary.

Anti   -  Jul 23, 2007

:P Then wouldnt that be a welcomer/inviter?

Mushufasa   -  Jul 23, 2007

Or alternativly have this instead;

on @:text:!Invite:#: {
set %inviteuser $2-
invite $2- $chan
:JOIN:#: {
if ($nick == %inviteuser)
.Notice $Nick Hello $nick you have been invited to $chan you must be pretty special!

With that you could add an optional welcome message to the script for those who weren\'t invited, for example;

/join #chan

Mushufasa has joined #chain!

Oh hi! As opposed to the greet message. O.O
Olliegod   -  Jul 21, 2007

Ok I see you changed the on join to on invite, this will not work at all because it triggers when you are invited to a channel. You need to simply drop the second event and just send the notice in the on text event.

Anti   -  Jul 21, 2007


Olliegod   -  Jul 21, 2007

Also with the on join event, it will greet all people who join any channel with that. That person very well might have not been invited to that channel.

Olliegod   -  Jul 21, 2007

It\'s missing a closing bracket at the end of the on join event.

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