Shared users

By ch1zra on Jul 20, 2007

I'm pretty sure someone already made this, or a lot of you used this before, but anyway :]

This is just an alias that echoes users that are sharing channels with you, aka $comchan users :]

I needed this for something, so I thought to myself "why not share it" :P

alias shared {
  echo -a :: Shared users for $active :
  set %gch 1
  while (%gch <= $chan(0)) {
    var %j $nick($active,0)
    while (%j) { 
      if ($nick($active,%j) ison $chan(%gch)) && ($nick($active,%j) != $me) && ($chan(%gch) != $active) {
        echo -a on $chan(%gch) : $nick($active,%j)
      dec %j 
    inc %gch
  echo -a :: End of shared users for $active :


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ch1zra   -  Jul 21, 2007

well, I needed this in this form, and of course, as any snippet, this is just a basic form, so it can be changed to suit other\'s needs.

Pass   -  Jul 21, 2007

Lindrian- if $active is not a channel, then nothing happens

Lindrian   -  Jul 21, 2007

why not just use $comchan() instead?
and what if active is not a channel?

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