Some Lame Jokes

By Anti on Jul 20, 2007

Yep i copied all of these jokes out of a lame joke book i got i only made 55 i got lazy half way through it but it took me about 10 minutes to finish it i hope you like it.


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Anti   -  Jul 20, 2007

i see what your getting at but i don\'t want it to be complex for the newbies to scripting :D all though does it work? do you like it?


Noutrious   -  Jul 20, 2007

It still could be about 10 times shorter if u used aliases & tokens.

Anti   -  Jul 20, 2007

And no i do not want to put this into a text i think it would be way easier for people who don\'t know how to script yet.. ENJOY!

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