Twist on the mimic script

By Mr_E on Jul 20, 2007

Paste in a new remotes and load it...

I got tired of the same old same old mimic script so I made my own twist on it. Instead of repeating the message it messages the channel "Haha you're stupid" or describes " still thinks is stupid"...


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spawnova   -  Jul 28, 2008

everytime i try a mrc script it says my channel is an unkown command when the target talks
he says hi

examplechannel is an unkown command

and it doesnt mimic i pasted it in a new remote and it loaded up but doesnt work for some reason im fairly new to this so any help?

guest598594   -  Dec 14, 2007

i would use $style in the menu to see if its already on/off

GuardianDemon   -  Jul 20, 2007

Hmm Simple, Funny, Yea It Allright 2/10 And I Fixed My Stuff Lol

Anti   -  Jul 20, 2007

I leave a comment if you leave a comment for me.. DAMN i just left a comment

napa182   -  Jul 20, 2007

LMAO funny script... =)

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