Away Script

By DarkWarrior on Jul 16, 2007

Ok, this is my updated version of an Away Script I made awhile back. I've tested it, and it should work. You just copy/paste into your remotes (alt + r) and either click 'Away System' in ur menu bar, or right click in a channel to find it. Make sure to add at least one Away Nick and Away Reason to stop the only error messages I found in this script. After that it should be pretty much self explanatory.

If any bugs or problems occur, please let me know and I will fix. This Script will be released with my Akatsuki Script once it is finished.


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fahadbalboa   -  Mar 03, 2009

Not Working man Not Working

DarkWarrior   -  Jan 22, 2008

I\'ve stopped working on this script, I\'ve noticed it doesnt work for somepeople, and does work for others. So I\'ve decided to try not to fix it and leave it here for a basis of people who want to make an away script.

TermYT3   -  Jan 03, 2008

Nice, but $awaytime sucks. :)

CicatrixZ   -  Oct 12, 2007

its cool script but Logs and away blocker is not working.. 8/10..

M[n]M   -  Sep 08, 2007

wow dude thats cool script!!

kddjoe   -  Jul 23, 2007

Nice snippet overall but I keep getting this ..

  • /aline: invalid window (line 166, away.mrc)

what is that?
can you fix it?

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