Multi network IP whois!

By Lindrian on Jul 12, 2007

As always, when im extremly bored, I make something random. And here is what i came to think of. I know you can use $ialchan(), but I decided to use this version of it ;p.

The script supports searches of anything like this:
/findip !@test.


As the script is using $wildtok(), wildcards such as ? and * are accepted. It does not support ident or realnick searches.

Here is an example of the output:

!@*.support.dairc matched "Lindrian". The user can be found on #testing on DaIRC.
"Lindrian" has been idle for 5hrs 39mins 20secs

Oh and, paste it in remotes (alt + r).

I would suggest turning /who on join ON, to keep your IAL updated at all times. Ive input the raws to halt the output of the /who events.

I havent tested the script very much, but there shoudnt be any bugs.


Regards, Lindrian.

Updated the code, It uses $ialchan() now.

Updated: Noticed a flaw in the IAL checking for channels, seperated alias, works fine now.

Updated, the script now supports wildcards, optional.

/findip -w ! <- wildcards (? *)

/findip ! <- Exact match.


You can now also scan CHANNELS!
/findip -c[w] NAME #CHANNEL
-c = channel switch
-cw = Channel switch with wildcard.

New format added to the script.

! matched 20 user(s), [Toshiba],bahn,LGKeiz,Navi,nVidiaFreak. Advil|beed (!* can be found on #deltaanime at DaIRC.
"Advil|beed" has been idle for 9mins 5secs.

Updated the way of showing address and all nets the user matched.


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Lindrian   -  Jul 18, 2007

How do you mean sharp? I can try edit it for you.

sharpknife   -  Jul 17, 2007

I\'m not that smart, would there be a way to put this script into others? Like to find the person on a certain IP then message them?

Lindrian   -  Jul 16, 2007

Updated the code, several times ;P

kerstt   -  Jul 14, 2007

nice script :)


also there are people on here who think its funny to rate everything a \"1\"

Lindrian   -  Jul 14, 2007

Apparantly it still isnt enough for more then a 4, makes me lol.
Anyhow, for the user who rated, i would appreciate if you could explain why you rated it 4 so i can enhance it.

Lindrian   -  Jul 13, 2007

Try updating your ial, enable it through menus. Then type: /findip !

Remember, it only searches YOUR $comchan(), so to just \"test\" it, use your friends IP or so.

Dizzlenub   -  Jul 13, 2007

None of it works fer me...says mah IAL isnt updated.

Can anyone explain it? I\'m stupid.

Lindrian   -  Jul 13, 2007

Alrighty. Code updated and uses $ialchan() now. I hope this will get the score a snatch above 4 atleast >_<

xDaeMoN   -  Jul 12, 2007

Oh I didn\'t read that part lol =P The thing is, it\'s much more efficient to just use $ial instead of looping to each nick on each channel of each network you have. ;)

Lindrian   -  Jul 12, 2007

May I quote myself?

I know you can use $ialchan(), but I decided to use this version of it ;p.

I just dont like the usage of \"iswm\", and $wildtok() does the same thing, no biggie.

xDaeMoN   -  Jul 12, 2007

Not really =) Since you\'re using IAL, you can also use $ial or $ialchan.

Lindrian   -  Jul 12, 2007

Doesnt make much difference acually does it :P?

xDaeMoN   -  Jul 12, 2007

I don\'t really see the need of using $wildtok in this case when you can just use \"iswm\". ;)

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