Guest Greeter and Counter

By Anti on Jul 11, 2007

Well this snippet is a Guest counter! :D Yeah a guest counter kinda brutal guest counter parental guidence XD it work's best for a bot any kinda of bot example: * GoodehBot nails a piece of paper to $nick head it reads: Your The 50th Guest that has joined #OhGoodie It's pretty awesome if you want to keep track of how many guest's have entered your channel or someones channel or any channel i hope you enjoy my snippet ! :D


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Lord-Harlot   -  Oct 15, 2009

You're only 2 years late on posting that comment Xpl0reR

xplo   -  Oct 15, 2009

Totally sucks and 100% useless. code is too small, not channel specific, not a unique counter. you can do 300 /hops and it will still inc .

This code is completely useless, and i vote 1/10.

Small codes (4lines less) should not be on this website. its allmost considered as spamming

Anti   -  Jul 21, 2007


Anti   -  Jul 20, 2007

Are you on right now Mr_E? :D or was this awhile ago did you just start with Hawkee? i started 6 day\'s ago i think :D well thank\'s for the comment

Mr_E   -  Jul 20, 2007

Short sweet to the point....right on!

Anti   -  Jul 18, 2007

:P hehe i wanted to know how you feel about my snippet.. :D not about how poor my grammar is :D XD have you made any snippets?

Olliegod   -  Jul 11, 2007

A simple improvement for this would be to add the $ord identifier, so instead of 3 it will say 3rd, 4th instead of 4 etc. Look in the help file if you need to.

Another thing would be to have a seperate variable for each channel, because this code will increase the variable any time anyone joins any channel, and it will not accurately reflect how many people have joined that channel.

And also it would be You\'re not Your.

Anti   -  Jul 11, 2007

LOL i know it\'s simple it\'s for people who can\'t make snippets and want a funny .. welcome/guest/counter thingy :D !

Pioneer   -  Jul 11, 2007

It\'s pretty simple, my grandma could make it. D:

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