By Lindrian on Jul 05, 2007

Information about the script can be found below.

(I know I can comment out with / /)

Some people might not get their IBL updated while using this command, so you can uncomment the "mode $chan +b" and the raws if you want a 100% check.

; By Lindrian ( | @ #lindrian or #l2forever)
; Simply "find ban" alias.
; type /findban in any channel window and input your search.
; You can input $1 or just type /findban and you'll be promped for a search.
; You may also specify wildcards.
; Examples:
; /findban test!*@*
; /findban test
; /findban t?st
; /findban te*
; /findban te?t!*@*
; The command do supply error checking.

; All rights reserved by the author.
; I (Lindrian) do not stand responsible for whatever issues this
; script may cause, or any damage it may cause
; This script will only run with mIRC v6.17 and above.
; This is due to the usage of $qt()
; If you cant use it properly, please download the latest version
; At
; Regards, 
; Lindrian.

alias findban {
  if ($active !ischan) { echo $color(info) -a * /findban: insufficient parameters (You're in no channel) | return }
  ;  mode $chan +b
  var %x = 1, %y = $ibl($chan,0), %a $iif(!$1,$input(Name or address to search for:,129,Findban))
  set %findban $iif(%a,$v1,$1)
  while (%x <= %y) {
    if ($wildtok($ibl($chan,%x),$+(*,%findban,*),1,32)) {
      set %match 1
      if (%findban) echo $color(info) -a $qt(%findban) matched $ibl($chan,%x) set by $ibl($chan,%x).by at $asctime($ibl($chan,%x).ctime) on $chan $+ .
    inc %x
  if (!%match) && (%findban != $null) { echo $color(info) -a No matches for $qt(%findban) found on $chan $+ . }
  unset %findban %match

;  raw 368:*: haltdef
;  raw 367:*: haltdef


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Lindrian   -  Nov 10, 2007

thanks for your input & rating :)

SpotRedDog   -  Nov 09, 2007

Just Found this Lindrian I was absent when you wrote this and I really enjoy using this gave you a 8.0. Keep up the Great work!!!

Lindrian   -  Jul 06, 2007

Nobody even rated/commented >_>

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