Edited PK Script

By Viper01 on Jul 05, 2007

Simple pk script I made from Aaron's original code. All you do is paste it into remotes (ctrl + r) and type "!pk " without the <> or the "". Then the person you are trying to kill can choose 4 options, each set with random responses. Just like the real Runescape game! theres also the hidden credits command I put in at the end. Please don't rip it, and if you use it, please keep the credits the same. Thank you, and have fun.

on *:TEXT:!pk*:#:{ 
  describe # is searching for a noob in the wild...
  describe # has found $2 $+ !
  msg $chan Quick $2 $+ , choose an option!
  notice $2 !fight
  notice $2 !run
  notice $2 !tele
  notice $2 !log
on *:text:!fight*:#: {
  set %lvl $rand(1,3)
  if (%lvl == 1) .msg # $nick has tried to fight and was killed!
  if (%lvl == 2) .msg # $nick almost won, but was killed!
  if (%lvl == 3) .msg # $nick has killed his challenger!
on *:text:!run*:#: {
  set %run $rand(1,3)
  if (%run == 1) .msg # $nick has gotten away!
  if (%run == 2) .msg # $nick was killed while running away!
  if (%run == 3) .msg # $nick $+ , in a wild shot, killed his opponent while running away!
on *:text:!tele*:#: {
  set %tele $rand(1,3)
  if (%tele == 1) .msg # $nick teleported away... but died just after arrival!
  if (%tele == 2) .msg # $nick teleported away... and got away from his attacker!
  if (%tele == 3) .msg # $nick teleported away... and was slaughtered by abyssal demons upon arrival!
on *:text:!log*:#: {
  set %log $rand(1,3) 
  if (%log == 1) .msg # $nick was unable to log out in time and was killed.
  if (%log == 2) .msg # $nick was able to log out!
  if (%log == 3) .msg # $nick was killed while logging out!
on *:text:!credits*:#: {
  notice $nick This script was created by Viper01 and Aaron on July 5th, 2007. All Rights Reserved.


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Godzilla   -  Aug 19, 2007

To download it Copy + Paste. quoted from davey

Godzilla   -  Aug 19, 2007

You\'re here also Rahul? >_>;

Powerzone   -  Aug 19, 2007

how can i download it

Pioneer   -  Jul 06, 2007

Love it. Good script. Kinda simple though.

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