Nick Controll

By MyWebs on Jul 04, 2007

This script is to stop your registered nick from ever changing to any nick besides the nicks you list in the IF code block. If you ping out it will auto ghost, release and recover your nick, change you back to your main nick and identify you.

In the "Remotes" section the on Connect event activates a timer. The timer checks your nick every 10 seconds to see if it has changed and fixes it back if needed. Of course you could change the 10 to check more or less often. This is in seconds.

This is a quite simple script that I personally find very usefull. I hate coming back after a netsplit and seeing my nick as Guest1234 because I couldn't identify for whatever reason. Never again!

;In your "Remotes" section add this code:
;Written by: MyWebs
on *:CONNECT: {
/timerNickCk 0 10 .MyNickCheck
alias MyNickCheck {
  if (($me != Nick1) && ($me != Nick2) && ($me != Nick3)) {
    /msg nickserv ghost Nick1 PASSWORD | /msg nickserv release Nick1 PASSWORD | /msg nickserv recover Nick1 PASSWORD | /nick Nick1 | /msg nickserv identify PASSWORD

You will have to edit the Nick1, Nick2 and Nick3 parts to change them to *your* own nicks, ditto for the PASSWORD parts. I hope others find this as usefull as I do. :-)


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Jethro   -  Oct 25, 2009

When dealing with multiple nicknames, you could use:

if (!$istok(nick1 nick2 nick3,$me,32)) {

This will negate all of them. (with a space between each added)

MyWebs   -  Oct 25, 2009

If you only use 1 nick then change the line to this:
if ($me != Nick1) {

Easy fix

datahawkee   -  May 09, 2009

great script , used to manually disconnect and connect (have perform all those) but never knew if i was offline or not , thanks

but if I have only one nick , what is the best to do , with nick2 nick3 ?

Cheiron   -  Jan 30, 2008

very very nice.. simple code, non complex.. perfect :)

Syele   -  Jan 30, 2008

oh perfect for me! adds it too

napa182   -  Jul 05, 2007

Nice script Tony...Adds it to remotes =)

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