NightCrawler`s Slaps

By NightCrawler on Jul 04, 2007

Hello! i thought it was about time that i made a script to post so i made this short snippet. Its a popup slapping script. Look at it below and you will see what it does. And the best part of it is that there is no trouble activating it. All you have to do it right click on a nick in a chan and pick My slaps. The ones labled Banning Slap has a slap followed up by a ban. So be careful on how you use it and who you use it on. Do not rip. If you do, i can not do nothing about it, but who would want to rip a simple slapping script? Anyways enjoy!


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Jester   -  Jul 09, 2007


NightCrawler   -  Jul 05, 2007

Ok so i forgot the menu nicklist at the top. This was one of my many scripts posted on here.

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