By mygan on Jun 22, 2007

This function let u use like ['u]poopoo['/u] (without ' ).
this will result in = poopoo

really simple!

function bbcode($text){
   $text = str_replace('<', '&lt;', $text);
   $text = str_replace('>', '&gt;', $text);
   $text = str_replace('"', "&quot;", $text);

   $text = str_replace('[b]', '<b>', $text);
   $text = str_replace('[/b]', '</b>', $text);
   $text = str_replace('[i]', '<i>', $text);
   $text = str_replace('[/i]', '</i>', $text);
   $text = str_replace('[u]', '<u>', $text);
   $text = str_replace('[/u]', '</u>', $text);
   $text = str_replace('[url=', '<a href="', $text);
   $text = str_replace('[/url]', '</a>', $text);
   $text = str_replace('[img]', '<img src="', $text);
   $text = str_replace('[/img]', '">', $text);
   $text = str_replace('[c]', '<center>', $text);
   $text = str_replace('[/c]', '</center>', $text);
   $text = str_replace(']', '">', $text);

   $text = str_replace('[B]', '<b>', $text);
   $text = str_replace('[/B]', '</b>', $text);
   $text = str_replace('[I]', '<i>', $text);
   $text = str_replace('[/I]', '</i>', $text);
   $text = str_replace('[U]', '<u>', $text);
   $text = str_replace('[/U]', '</u>', $text);
   $text = str_replace('[URL=', '<a href="', $text);
   $text = str_replace('[/URL]', '</a>', $text);
   $text = str_replace('[IMG]', '<img src="', $text);
   $text = str_replace('[/IMG]', '">', $text);
   $text = str_replace('[C]', '<center>', $text);
   $text = str_replace('[/C]', '</center>', $text);
   $text = str_replace(']', '">', $text);

   $text = nl2br($text);
   $text = trim($text);

   return $text;


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alanhogan   -  Jan 08, 2008

Also your script is vulnerable to cross-site scripting if you let visitors use it... e.g. [ooh click me!](javascript:submit_your_cookies_to_my_site();return false;)

mygan   -  Sep 02, 2007

i seee

Blank   -  Jul 07, 2007

just a suggestion, but to decrease the size of the script, consider sticking the search and replacements into arrays. also, just using str_replace (or as Hawkee suggested, str_ireplace), means that you aren\'t actually validating the input, meaning that the user could possibly break up the format of the output page by adding too many closing or opening tags. A preg_replace would be better, that way if there are any mismatches, they aren\'t replaced at all.

Hawkee   -  Jun 22, 2007

You really don\'t need to do it twice for uppercase letters. Just use str_ireplace to do a case insensitive replace.

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