By sadistic_sin on Jun 06, 2007

where i put the parenthasees type the name or your website, or your bot's commands, either works also you can change /msg $nick to msg $chan but you MUST have a website for that otherwise it will spam the channel

i gotta make this 100+characters.. so you know i'm doin my thing(dont copy and paste this)

on *:TEXT:!commands*:#: {
/msg $nick (what you want it to say)


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|MELIORITE|   -  Jun 07, 2007

They will be the same commands as yours if you include the commands snippet as part of larger commands. At the moment this snippet has nothing to offer, however, if you include your acupuncture snippet, and along with your stick snippet, and with the other snippets, you would have commands to place in there. The commands won\'t be different since they are already incorporate into the other snippets. It doesn\'t need to be made editable...

cantseeme   -  Jun 07, 2007

so make it editable...

and please, only post if you know that it will be of help..

right now i\'d just do a mass !commands spam.
and flood you off the server

sadistic_sin   -  Jun 07, 2007

slight problem, they\'re commands arent going to be the same as mine

|MELIORITE|   -  Jun 06, 2007

Unfortunately, this one would not count as a snippet. To develop this, you could have included a list of actionable commands, for example, put together your acupuncture and stick script then had the commands to refelct the commands in process... for example, after placin in your actionable snippets, then place in:

on *:Text:!commands:#: {
  msg $nick The commands are: !stick <nickname> to poke a stick; !acupuncture <nick> for needles
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