By sadistic_sin on Jun 06, 2007

just a little emo script i made.. i'm not all that fond of emos all the squares and numbers are just a color code, change that if you want just type !emo (nick)

on *:TEXT:!emo*:#: {
  msg $chan 4,11,44,54,04,00,00,1515,140,141,1414,14,1you fucking emo!!!15,1/1,14/0,14/14,15/0,14/0,0 4,0/4,5/1,4/4,1/
  describe $chan takes a razor blade and carves "i'm emo" into $2's forehead so the entire world can know $2 is emo then pours lemon juice all over the cut


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AHBARAR   -  Jun 07, 2007

i saw most of ur scripts tht u make why dont u compain them all in 1 script cas they r small and not tht complicated so i prefer if u add all ur script in 1 and i yeah all learn scripting >:D even me

Sasuke   -  Jun 07, 2007

For a good script, grammar is key.

Just1nn   -  Jun 06, 2007

Woot go Rayan :)

and yeah Mel, me and him just started scripting a lil bit ago, we keep learning more and more every day.

|MELIORITE|   -  Jun 06, 2007

I can see you\'re practising some of the coding knowledge you are developing. Keep up the practice...

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