By sadistic_sin on Jun 06, 2007

this is actually the very first script i ever made, just type !soul (nick)hope you like it

on *:TEXT:!soul*:#: {
  msg $chan 4,1\1,4\4,5\4,0\0,0\0,15\15,14\0,14\1,14\14,1\4,1\i will eat your soul!!!!15,1/1,14/0,14/14,15/0,14/0,0 4,0/4,5/1,4/4,1/
  describe $chan punches $2 in the forehead rips out his hand removing a silvery mist then devours it


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mysterycool   -  Jun 17, 2007

ok for your first snippet. Mine was silly too. It was an 8ball. well, ive seen most of your snippets and most of them are just commands. Like the !cake So why dont you figure out some more commands and put them all together in one script instead of posting them seperately? It will be more professional and most probably you will get a higher rank! Hope I helped! See ya around!

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