Auto Colourv1.0

By SL on Jun 22, 2004

Well its easy just paste it in you're remote and replace the colour to whatever colour you like...NOTE: Wont work with .mts files

on *:input:*: {
  msg $active 11,2 $+ $1-


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Storm2108   -  Aug 20, 2007

Better code:
on :input:: {
if (/* !iswm $left($1-,1) { msg $active 11,2 $+ $1- |
halt }
That,ll only work if you say something and you can use /ns identify without it sending :)

DeathRyder082   -  Jul 09, 2005

Lol, well despite your comment j0ker I like it due to my lazzyness and the typing of Ctrl + K + #,#

j0k3r   -  Jun 22, 2004

poorly coded, useless. What if i typed /ns identify MYPASS? I don\'t really want that colour coded, or said in a channel.

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