By Trav on May 31, 2007

Very, very simple snippet

All it is is you can make a list of admins or mods for your bot and when they type
It'll turn your bot off

Of course there is no
feature because when you type !botoff it disables all of your scripts ;p

Also by getting rid of

if ($nick == NICK) || ($nick == NICK1) || ($nick == NICK2) {

Then anyone can type !botoff
Which is not advised

Also to turn your bot back on just type
/remote on

And also remember to change NICK, NICK1, NICK2, NICK3!

And to add more people to the list of peple allowed that command add
if ( $nick == NICK ) {
Right before the line
remote off

And to get rid of one or more just get rid of an
if ( $nick == NICK ) {

on *:text:!botoff*:#: {
  if ($nick ==  NICK) || ($nick == NICK1) || ($nick == NICK2) {
  remote off


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Trav   -  Jun 28, 2007

Nomader, I couldn\'t, because the remotes would be off.

But I made a new script where you type !botoff #ofseconds
And it sets a timer

Nomader   -  Jun 28, 2007

You could actually make it so you could do a bot on command...just make a new section to reverse the effects of bot off and start it with

on :text:!boton:?:

nyfi   -  Jun 07, 2007

You might like to put better security on that tbh,
try making a .txt with called botadmin.txt with yours and your bot admin hostmasks the put \"If ($address($nick,2) isin $read(botadmin.txt)) {\"
it will make sure people cant just go onto the other admins nick names and just use that command.

Aile   -  May 31, 2007

Hmm that could be handy.. but once remotes are off the person cant turn them back on lol.. I suggest using a var on every script you have such as;
on :text:!bot off:#:{
if ($nick == NICK) || ($nick == NICK1) || ($nick == NICK2) {
set %off enabled
:text:!bot on:#:{
if ($nick == NICK) || ($nick == NICK1) || ($nick == NICK2) {
unset %off
And place this in all scripts;
if (%off == enabled) { halt }
elseif { your script here
Just a thought this requires more work tho :)

|MELIORITE|   -  May 31, 2007

I\'m wondering why you would want to turn all your bot scripts off and still have it on line when you could not turn it on again... its probably better to just make your bot quit the server. As dmdlflore suggests, grouping scripts is good because then you can turn off collected features, for example, turn off all the reactive and speech modes when they get annoying and leave protections on. Also, have access levels to the bot is important, as also suggested. I cannot see any practical application for this snippet.

Pass   -  May 31, 2007

You\'re missing a closing bracket

dmdifiore   -  May 31, 2007

on 10:text:!bot on::{
enable #

msg # Bot On

on 10:text:!bot off::{
disable #

msg # Bot Off

dmdifiore   -  May 31, 2007

My first comment ^.^

Anyways, on my bot, I set groups on each script, and use a group on/off event that turns things on and off.

This way, I can set user levels for people that I want to control the bot, and also make it turn on and off. Just don\'t put your on/off part in a group.

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