News Script

By Trav on May 28, 2007

Ok this script is very simple all you do is type
!post {newshere}

And it'll set what you replace {newshere} with as %news

Then when someone types !news
It'll say what you set for %news :D

Also only you can do it :D

on *:text:!news:#: {
  msg $chan News: %news 

on *:text:!post*:#: {
  if ( $nick ==  YOURNICKNAMEHERE ) {
    set %news $2- < Posted by $nick >


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N1nja   -  Nov 11, 2010

Thanks, slowly getting it

Jethro   -  Nov 09, 2010

N1nja, I hope my example will serve you good for a reference:> *on $:text:/^!(news|post)\b/iS:#:{
; the above line is regex, which will match both the commands !news and !post respectively. The caret sign (^) will make sure the commands start with an exclamation mark, and the \b character will make sure the commands end with !news and !post; no more or less.
if (!%p) {
inc -u3 %p
; this is a trigger protection that will initiate the command every 3 seconds.
[b]if ($regml(1) == news) {
.msg # $iif(%news,News: $v1,No News is available yet!)
; if the command is !new, it'll message every one the latest news to the current channel; if not, it'll say otherwise.
[b]elseif (!$2) && ($nick == YourNickHere) {
.msg # $nick $+ , incorrect syntax: !post YourNewsHere
; if the allowed person enters the command !post without the news, it'll tell him or her how to enter it correctly.
[b]elseif ($nick == YourNickHere) {
set %news $2- < Posted by $nick >)
.msg # $nick $+ , the news has been set successfully!
; if the parameter has been set correctly, the command was a success.
[b]elseif ($nick != YourNickHere) {
.msg # $nick Access denied!
; If other disallowed users attempt to post a news, he or she will get told access denied.

N1nja   -  Nov 09, 2010

Because i just needed to make a small announcement script that doesn't need more than one entry at a time. I'm very new to this so it helped me understand a few things due to it being straight forward

Jethro   -  Nov 09, 2010

The snippet is not well scripted. It's lacking a number of checks and the %news can only store one info at a time. It can be overwritten by another news anytime before or after it's posted. I wonder why you'd find such a snippet for reference.

N1nja   -  Nov 09, 2010

This helped me with a function i been working on for a few days, shot dude

FYI: Your missing the closing bracket :)

Zeroodemon   -  May 31, 2007

Yeah, cool idea though.

Chevy   -  May 29, 2007

That will only hold one News:
And you can make it to hold more.
Also:Your Trigger Command !News Members Will Be Able To Flood You With That Command So Why Not Make A Halting On It So $nick will only be able to hit once. And....The !Post For if ( $nick == YOURNICKNAMEHERE ) { Will Not Work Properly Being A ! Command Start So Why Not Make It /Post So It Will Read Correctly And Also Be Able To Pick Up $nick In The Message.

But Its not bad...Just Work On It Some.

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