By Chevy on May 25, 2007

You can add halting to it or what ever and also where it says #yourchannel you will need to stick your roomname or leave it as just #

on *:Join:#YourChannelhere: {
  mode $chan +v $nick 

Add it to a new remotes and its ready to go But like i said it WILL NOT Halt on Anyone.


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Callison1   -  May 26, 2007

Why call cantseeme a nerd? It is a very simple script

HeLL_MasTeR   -  May 26, 2007

You nerd cantseeme..?? You Right |MELIORITE

|MELIORITE|   -  May 26, 2007

For such a general snippet you might not have bothered limiting it to one channel. also you\'re going to get an error message unless you\'re an operator...

on *:join:#: {
  if ($me isop $chan) {mode $chan +v $nick }

for example...

cantseeme   -  May 25, 2007

why do you post this very simple script?

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