Auto Connect Nick/Pass

By HeLL_MasTeR on May 23, 2007

If You Are Connect To Server This Stuff Automatic Showz Up...Enjoy It..!!! :[

on *:connect: { set %nick $$?="Enter Your Nick :" | set %pass $?*="Enter Your Password :" | /nick %nick %pass | .timer 1 3 unset %nick | .timer 1 2 unset %pass }


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H3xable   -  May 28, 2011

this would be soo stupid

Chevy   -  May 30, 2007

Very Well Coded But You Can Easily Just Use
on :snotice:know the pass*:{ pass %nick.pass }
Place in Remotes
Type /pass nickhere.Passhere
And it will automatically work 24/7 On Connect
And WILL NEVER ask you the password or say incorrect password given.
Much Easier i believe.

cantseeme   -  May 23, 2007

Ok I guess. Why not make it multiserver.

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