By Chevy on May 23, 2007

Basically i got bored and decided to make something that some people would like i havent added many jokes to this BUT its very easily coded so you should know how to add more... But i will add another 50-100 As Soon As Possible But All You Do Is Type Blonde1 Blonde2 Blonde3 Etc But when i add 50 + more questions i will change the trigger command to Joke1 Joke2 Joke3 Joke4 etc..Cause There will be more than blonde jokes.


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Mylesmart   -  Jan 06, 2008

lol funny

Purity   -  Jun 26, 2007

I know an easier way you could of done this script.

on :TEXT:!blonde:#:{
var %blonde = $rand(1,23)
if (%blonde == 1) .timer 1 2 msg $chan hat do you call a blonde with a dollar bill on her head? [ All you can eat under a buck. ]
if (%blonde == 2) .timer 1 2 msg $chan Why is a blonde like a hardware store? [ They are both 10 a screw! ]

And to add more just add if (%blonde == #) .timer 1 2 msg $chan

Other than that its not bad.

|MELIORITE|   -  May 23, 2007

The content can be considered offensive. It might have been easier to have a random joke set added to a joke.txt (for example), then on text \'joke\' read joke.txt randomly. Otherwise there is little of value to this coding other than the possibly of really offending someone.

Staccia   -  May 23, 2007

these are... inappropriate...

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